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Monday, September 12th, 2005
Wow, we had a great time at MusicFestNW. Mike D and I made it to the after party. I stumbled through my front door at 7am; Haven't done that in a while. It'll be good practice for tour (starting Thursday!) The USA average gas price is only $3 a gallon right now... ouch. Wish us luck and strong tail winds.
Monday, September 5th, 2005
The last week....well you know whats been going on. I've been heartsick, like I'm sure most of the country has. My friend Patty and her Husband made it out of New Orleans in time. They are the only people I had there. Somebody needs to be held accountable for what happend in the aftermath of the storm. How could shit like this happen in America? I wish I did'nt feel so helpless.........
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
Fuck W!!! Just felt like sayin it.
Monday, July 18th, 2005
Hey ya'll, big thanks to everyone who came out to the live recording show this Saturday, the show was a great success and we had a blast. We are currently trying to sort through all the drunken recordings while we are out here on the road, so we'll try to update you all as to the progress of the record and when we might release it.
San Francisco was a blast, we are kicking it here and extra day before we head off to Los Angeles. Jon and I had a brainstorm here in Frisco with some friends: there are pictures on the fridge here featuring roommates at a party doing ridiculous things while wearing our t-shirts, so we thought it would be funny if you all sent us pics of you doing ridiculous things as well while wearing our gear. And when I say funny, I mean funny for us! Ha, ha! Please send pics to me at . We will determine a winner for best pic and send you a prize of some sort, to be determined at a later date. Anyway, hope to see you on the road!
-Mole Harris
Monday, July 11th, 2005
Wow, we had a great time up in Bellingham and Seattle this weekend. Kasey Anderson rocked the hell out of the 3B, as did The Riffbrokers, who have a kick ass new drummer by the name of Chuck that's cool as shit. It was great to see a lot of you that caught us for the first time with The Rev and The Supersuckers a couple of months ago! I guess that means we made a good impression. We'll try to continue to do you proud.

The Central in Seattle as always was a blast, we really don't get back there enough. There was much whiskey and mayhem as usual; it just comes with the territory when you're rockin' in the oldest club in Seattle.

This coming weekend is a big one, as here in Portland at our favorite haunt Dante's we will be tearing it up doing a live recording for our upcoming live record. There are two great things about this show:
1) You get us, the devil blues of Pat McDonald (of Timbuk 3 fame), Seattle's Hex County (we've said it before and we'll say it again; they are one of the best bands in the country), and the lunatic rock mayhem of The Wigmen.
2) The show is fucking FREE!!! That's right, grab everyone you can and come down to Dante's this Saturday the 16th for a FREE FUCKING SHOW and be a part of our live recording event. Not only is the show free, but the beer is cheap, with $2 Iron City all night long.
This show has been a long time coming for us and we want to make it as great as we can, so even if you are just bar hopping downtown on Saturday stop in and have a beer with us!!
Friday, May 27th, 2005
$2,300 obo. More information and pics, or call 971-235-2402. Tell your friends!
Saturday, May 14th, 2005
Hey ya'll, Mike D's new solo record, "Perfect Day For A Funeral," is now on sale at It's been a long time in the making, and it's well worth the wait, so check it out!! Here's a sampling of what CDBaby has to say:

"The music is beautifully crafted, and rather relaxing (compared to Damron's rock alter ego). However, the lyrics are just as biting as Damron's other work. When all is said and done, Damron's first solo record will quickly grab you and become one of your favorite records of the year. It's a beautiful blend of country, folk, soul, and blues music that show the rootsier side of Damron. "

You can find the record at or by going to our Music page.
Saturday, April 30th, 2005
Hey ya'll, at long last we have our Merch page up and running, so those of you who can't make it to a show to get some SOB swag (can't make it to a show? Get on it man!) can now order it right off this here website. It's a piece of cake, check it out!
Monday, April 25th, 2005
Hey everyone, The Supersuckers most excellent tour manager Wilbur posted up some great pics of the tour, featuring us and the 'suckers live in Vancouver BC at the House of Blues as well as the previously mentioned bowling excapade in Boise. There is also some great pics of our friends Kleveland tearing it up in Seattle last week at the Comet. Thanks again to Wilbur for taking such bitchin pics of everyone. How he finds time for that shit while he's running the show on tour beats the hell out of me!
You can check the pics out here: Wilbur's Al Bums

The pic below is after we paid up, having been defeated by the 'suckers mad bowling skills. Notice my middle finger of appreciation.

Monday, April 18th, 2005
Hey everyone, here's the video clips that we promised you. I'll have them up on the music page soon, though I might wait until Jon and I redo the music page altogether. Until then, here is Gone and Westboro Baptist Church, Live at Davey's Uptown in Kansas City. Huge thanks go out to Michael Maher for putting this all together; he shot and edited the video with the help of camermen Tom "Toad" Wenner and Jim Holroyd, and many thanks to them as well. Both files are fairly large, but worth the wait if you have a fast internet connection.

Gone 17.3MB WMV
Westboro Baptist Church 16.8 MB WMV
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