Lyrics for Mayberry:


They don’t make men like Andy Griffith anymore
Mayberry is all dead and gone
Opie I’ll meet you by the swimming hole
We can play all day long

Old men teach little boys to fight wars
It’s just a fact, it’s what we do
All this hatred and violence in the world is giving me the blues
I saw my mama get beat again
He put her head right through the door
Daddy always cleaned his guns in front of me
So I shut down my heart and I turned on my tv
I saw the devil in my daddy’s eyes
He left part of that devil inside of me
If there’s a god out there
Won’t you take this cup away from me
My stomach begins to bleed
F rom all the pills and the liquor that took the best parts of me
My shadow it runs fast
The closer I get to death the closer I am to free

Me & Judas got the shit end of the deal
I guess that’s why we both rebelled

Like any good soldier there’s folks to be killed
And some line in the sand to be held

Liars, real good liars
They wear smiles, they bring flowers
They hit with a force of a fist cocked on the tens
I fell in love with darkness when you fell in love with him

The days of my youth I heard a bit of truth
‘Bout the joys and the pains all to come
I always get by
I don’t even try
In my heart I keep a rock n roll song

Happiness don’t feel right
Storms feel like comfort and home
I feel my peace when I feel it the least
Gonna walk this world all alone

I don’t need anyone
Anyone or anything
Just my fingers and my strings

Whataburger and Texas roads and Gibson guitars
Where it’s going god only knows
Kansas City plug in and play
Leave your soul up on the stage
With your fists break all your strings
I’ll play my heart out for them five people that came to see
I swear five years from now there’ll be a thousand watching me

I drive all night
Drunk sleep or none at all
Dig in your heels boy
Choke out that Les Paul
I play my heart out for those 25 paid to see
I swear four years from now there’ll be a thousand watching me

I only brought one change of clothes
Smell like death and god only knows
God only knows what do you see in a man like me
I swear baby I’ll be true
No one out here could take the place of you
And I play my heart out for those 189 here to see
I swear three years from now there’ll be a thousand watching me

When those fires and rocks fall out the sky
And cockroaches are all that’s left alive
When these two galaxies collide
Like I’m sure they’ll do
I’ll just think of you

And when I go I pray I’m wide awake
I float up into this dark and lonely place
With our love written in the stars
And on my dead face

There is a magic we hold in our hands
Every hour of every day
It’s simple, it’s just a feeling
And even death can’t take it away

Just remember you’re not alone
Keep that good thing inside of you
Feel it deep down in your bones
Just remember

I give up on everything
I gave up on hope and peace and I embrace despair
I gave up on justice, I don’t see that anywhere
Seems like I’m searching for a light out in the fog
I give up on everything, except the sweet love of my puppy dog

I give up on children, they grow up to be like me
I gave up on reading books, I got the DVD
One thing I ain’t give up on is them that’s scratching fleas
They bring out the best part of everything in me
I give up on everything

I gave up on tequila
I gave up on whisky too
But I will not give up on PBR
Till my body is cold dead white and blue
I gave up on women and religion and sex and sin
The one thing I ain’t give up on is my best friend

We’re all just bones in the end
Full of questions and pain
And god if there is a reason
Let me ask you one thing

Tell me why do we suffer
From our birth until we’re through
If I’m made in your image
Don’t wanna be ugly like you anymore

Go on now tell me ‘bout murder
And heartbreak and shame
It’s been that way from the beginning
Don’t expect it to change
Ain’t nothing gonna change

Go on tell me ‘bout religion
Why we all chose a side
We got our flags and our weapons
Tell me why so many die in your name

Don’t give that zombie a gun
Ain’t gonna turn out good for anyone
If you give that zombie a gun

Don’t give that redneck a beer
David Allen Coe is all the boy will wanna hear
If you give that redneck a beer

Don’t give that hippie no weed
Peace and love is all that boy will ever need
If you give that hippie your weed

Don’t give that policeman the bird
Your day is about to go from bad to worse
If you give that policeman the bird

Don’t give that banker your cash
Send you to the poor house with the overdraft
If you give that banker your cash

Doctor said boy you don’t look so good
I said doctor what’s wrong with me
You got that black stuff in your lungs
And a heart full of misery

Now a fever come over me
Lost my love on December 23
Broken branches on my family tree

I’ll be dead by Christmas time
Come on join me down here
No more toys or joys to the world
Forgotten by the New Year

Now the snow’s falling all around
Found my home down here in the ground
Silent the night, blue is the sound
Of dead by Christmas time

I’ll be dead by Christmas time
Come on join me down here
No more toys or joys to the world
No more Christmas cheer

Sleep it don’t come, I’m such a mess
From those wasted years still I feel blessed
With this here guitar I get it all off my chest |
On the night when the sleep don’t come

Blasting away on a G C and D
A song for the reaper when he comes for me
But he can buy the download, ain’t nothing for free

On the night when the sleep don’t come
My brain it spins into oblivion
My life is a nightmare, there’s nowhere to run
On the night when the sleep don’t come

I lay here waiting, sick of these sheep
Some words and some chords will bring some relief
Sometimes these drugs are all that I need
On the night when the sleep don’t come

One shot of Maker’s and a Xanax or four
A coffin of plywood, got troubles no more
It’s just that way - How ‘bout a little help lord
On the night when the sleep don’t come

Come on in, make yourself at home
I’ll cook you dinner, and play your favorite song

It don’t get much better than this
Out looking for what don’t exist
It don’t get much better than

Well I’ll be good to you, for goodness sake
I’ll be the frosting baby, you’ll be my chocolate cake

You will be mine, I will not fail
You’ll be the hammer baby, I’ll be the nail

Growing up in Tulsa sure weren’t easy
I had a sadness in my heart and in my mind
But my grandma she sure loved me
For an old Telecaster she spent her very last dime
On my guitar

When I was a boy I wanted to be Ace Frehley
I wanted to be Jimmy Page
Now I’m older, I don’t need no fame and fortune
Just wanna play these blues in this dirty punk rock bar
On my guitar

Jimi Hendrix you were an angel
Man you sure could sing
Take me straight up to heaven
On your little wing

When the nights get cold and lonely
And you feel you can’t go on
Put on that old Thin Lizzy record
And play along to The Cowboy Song
On your guitar

Tell me how does it feel
Up there on your cross
Your hands are bleeding bad
Looks like the nails done their job

Tell me how is the air up there
Like our love washed on the shore
Smells like I feel
Rotten to the core

Now let the cities burn
Let them crumble and fall
You can have everything
And still have nothing at all


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