Press for Mayberry:
"I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House might not sound like what we’ve been told punk is supposed to sound like. Yet the spirit, verve and sincerity they bring to their music makes it just as dangerous and frightening to those who value conformity as anything Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Sex Pistols, or The Clash gave us. If that ain’t punk, I don’t know what is."
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New Noise Magazine
"...a complex blend of alt country and punk rock (like pairing a nice faded Clash t-shirt with a pair of hole-in-the-bottom, duck taped Justin boots)......these guys are among the best at what they do (right up there alongside Lucero, the Old 97’s and Supersuckers)."
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"...these songs weren’t just written for the sake of writing but rather because not writing them wasn’t an option. That feeling, that desperate feeling, doesn’t wane over multiple listens."
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"Musically, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House is a bit like AC/DC at hoedown, the kind of thing that so many so-called insurgent bands have tried to capture but have so often failed at. There are quieter moments across Mayberry, evidence that Damron has listened to Waylon and Willie as much as Malcolm and Angus. Those quieter moments work rather well, too."
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Charleston City Paper
"The road from "Mayberry" to its end-of-album reprise passes through the Celtic-tinged "Dead by Christmas Time," the haunting existential rawk of "Bones," and the folk-punk "Liars." All in all, Mayberry is a hungry, questioning album filled with anger and sadness."
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"Making wicked, swampy Americana about Andy Griffith, redemptive doggies, and Santa leaving a lump of coal in your lungs is something (sinisterly) special. This meaty music is either perfect for the honkytonk in Hell, or if you ain’t been that bad, the front porch in Purgatory."
"At a time when real rock n roll seems hard to come by, these guys still deliver the goods and put their heart into their music."

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Slug Magazine
"An eclectic blend of blues and Americana, Mayberry might just be the best offering from these guys."
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Honest Tune
"...the hard-driving sextet bares bloody knuckles on Mayberry. Amid gritty guitars and runaway train harp, Damron longs for the untarnished olden days on the title track, and acknowledges the immanence of death on this and a handful more....The rock-and-raunch sound is like a burnout at a bike rally, and Damron unflinchingly acknowledges his weaknesses and demons."
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"Their forthcoming Mayberry release sets a high bar for other 2013 albums, boasting Damron's smarter-than-you'd-expect lyrics with the band's hellbent buzz and some of the most shredworthy harmonica I've heard in a good while."

"Their music showcases influences of punk and alternative that helps I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House live up to their name. Energetic riffs fill up the midsections of the most upbeat tracks, enough to leave you dizzy."

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